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The Best Water Treatment Systems In The World

NO electricity, NO moving parts, NO wasted water, NO chemicals, and best of all...NO SALT!

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The Problem With Traditional Systems

Complicated to maintain and repair, bulky and cumbersome traditional water treatment systems are expensive and inefficient.  Backwashing wastes water and puts our natural resources at risk.  UV technology relies on electricity, and boiling water doesn't REMOVE particulates and microbes.  Municipal infrastructures fail as they age, and reliance upon bottled water is expensive and contributes to the problem of plastic pollution.


WaterCrest The future of water is at hand.

The Solution to Outdated Water Treatment Systems

WaterCrest is the future of water purification.  Due to the innovative technology and contemporary design, WaterCrest is an affordable water purification system which can be used to treat water as it enters your home or office, delivering purified mineral-rich water to every outlet in your home.

The WaterCrest is the first and only Whole House Physical Water Processing System that delivers high quality water processed for drinking and scale reduction. WaterCrest is the only system that eliminates scaling without removing the beneficial minerals essential for life, protecting your plumbing, fixtures, and all water-using appliances at every tap in your home.

Unique and innovative, WaterCrest has ZERO adverse environmental impact.          

Unlike EVERY other water treatment system or water softener on the market, the WaterCrest requires no electricity.  Amazingly simple, the WaterCrest is green technology designed with:

No Salt

No Chemicals

No Moving Parts

No Wasted Water

No Cumbersome Bulky Equipment

There was a time, not so long ago, when people took the purity of their water for granted. You could drink a glass of water out of the tap, or at a public drinking fountain and not worry about ingesting harmful chemicals or contaminants.  You could bathe and clean your dishes and clothes without even thinking about the quality of the water in your home.  Unfortunately, those days are gone.  However pure, clean, treated water is still accessible to you and the ones you love.

What some of our customers have said about their systems.

Listen to what Debi Zaas says about her WaterCrest system:

"I am enjoying our Hanish Water system tremendously.

Not only does the water taste delicious, but it is great on the skin. It saves us on money and time. No more water softener monthly bills; no more salt purchases, no more spending gas to the grocery store when Water bottles run out, and I can get an additional 2-3 weeks before I need to color my hair.

It was a small price to pay for a lifetime of health."

Listen to what Dr. Raul Serrano says about his WaterCrest system:

"We are very happy with our new Hanish water filtration system. The water taste great! As a wellness chiropractor and knowing the quantity of toxins in our water, after installing the system I am confident in allowing my family to drink directly from the tap. This will save us on buying water bottles by the cases, but it also helps decrease the amount of plastics we use. I have no reservation when my two little ones want to play in the bathtub knowing they will not be absorbing any toxins through their skin."

WaterCrest helped Leah from Tampa feel softer skin...

"For the first time since I moved here I didn't have to put a ton of lotion on my skin because of the minerals!"


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Hanish Water Is Here To Help

The WaterCrest treats your water for:

  • bacteria
  • virus
  • cysts
  • particulates
  • metals
  • contaminants
  • bad tastes and odors
  • chlorine
  • and hardness

at up to 18 gallons per minute throughout your entire home.  No other water Little Kid Bathing with Clean Watertreatment system can accomplish the same in one small package. You never have to lift another bag of salt, and you never have to buy bottled water again in your life.  The WaterCrest gives you clean, safe, clear, healthy, great tasting water at every tap in your home.  

"Water is Life" is not a slogan, but rather a mission statement that we live by each and every day. We have developed the best water treatment systems in the world, providing you and your family safe, clean water, at a price you can afford.  We are committed to developing water purification treatment systems that are affordable, efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly.




The Right Model For Every Home

Whether you have city water, well water, or you pull your water from a pond, lake or river, we will help you decide which system is best suited for your specific needs.

Visit our product page to learn more.

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