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Mineral Rich,

Clean & Safe!

The Hanish Water WaterCrest Whole House Physical Water Treatment System is the most advanced system utilizing NASA - derived technology.  It's different because it physically treats water.  That means it uses no electricity, moving parts or chemicals to treat the water in a more efficient and eco-friendly way.  The WaterCrest 4-in-1 system has a small enough footprint that it can easily mount on the wall of your basement, garage or porch.


The Hanish Water exclusive Pre-Filter reduces the particulates in water down to 0.01 microns and before the water enters the BioGuard which protects your family from consuming heavy metals such as iron and manganese, hydrogen sulfide, nitrates, and hexavalent chromium which may be in the water.

The Hanish Water BioGuard Technology protects against bacteria, virus, cyst, agricultural runoff, pharmaceuticals, endotoxins, metals and DNA without using unreliable UV (which can miss particles as they pass through). Because the Pre-Filter reduces particulates down to 0.01 microns it allows the BioGuard to effectively and efficiently treat the water. 

The 2 Salt-Free ScaleInhibitors on the WaterCrest-4 provide the anti-scaling treatment in every WaterCrest system, while leaving all the good minerals your body needs in every drop of your water. 

The Hanish Water WaterCrest system treats water to .01 Microns, 30x better than other systems currently on the market.  Each cartridge in the system helps the next perform more effectively and efficiently, extending the life of all your water using appliances such as a washing machine, dishwasher and many others.

Chris Hanish explains what the WaterCrest Whole House Water Treatment System is and how it works.

Why a WaterCrest Whole House System?

Clean Safe Water for

Your Home

Your Family

Your Pets

Your Life

The human body is like a giant sponge.  Everything that touches your skin is absorbed into it, such as moisturizers, and lotions.  The medical profession is even using nicotine and medical patches to administer medicine through the skin.  

Every time you take a bath, shower, wash your hands, face, and bath your children or pets the chemicals in your water are being soaked up through your skin.  Most water softener systems simply soften the water, they do not treat for these harmful chemicals. 

The water from Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems are so aggressive they will eat through metal.  This is why the hoses from RO tanks to the faucets at your sink are made of plastic.  Plus, RO systems are too expensive for a whole house application and why most systems are set up at your kitchen sink.

A Hanish Water Whole House Physical Water Treatment System not only provides you with clean, safe mineral water at every tap in your home, but also piece of mind that you are NOT absorbing harmful chemicals through your skin.

The Future of Physical Water Processing

When water is processed physically the contaminants and harmful substances are removed using no electricity, no moving parts and salt or other chemicals in a very eco-friendly process. 

Not a single drop of precious water is wasted.

Superior Engineering, Recyclable Materials

Simple, superior design, using NASA derived technology allows us to pack a lot of water treatment technology into a small unit for easy installation on a wall of your basement, garage or porch. 

Made in USA .

We Stand Behind Every Unit

Hanish Water offers a full LIFETIME warranty that is fully transferable and a One Year money back guarantee on the performance of your WaterCrest system.