We Offer the Most Advanced, Eco-Friendly 

Water Treatment Systems Available

Using NASA Derived technology, our water treatment systems are eco-friendly using no electricity, no wasteful storage tanks, no salt, and no backwashing, Wasting No Water!

Helping provide affordable access to water today, and solutions for protecting our water for tomorrow.

Environmentally Responsible Solutions to the Water Issues we're facing today.

Employing the most advanced green technology and eco-friendly solutions to solve water treatment and water accessibility issues.

Eco-Friendly, No Waste

Protecting every precious drop of life giving, health sustaining water.  Clean healthy water that also nourishes our environment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're so confident in the quality of our products, we offer a lifetime transferable guarantee, appreciating your property value.

NASA Derived Technology

The newest, most efficient, technologically advanced water treatment systems.  Our Water Treatment Technologies provide safe, clean water from every tap in your home.

Most Advanced Water Treatment Systems Available

Compact, sleek design, mounts to wall, aesthetic, simple to maintain, quick connect cartridges.

Using NASA Derived Technologies, Hanish Water has created innovative affordable new water treatment solutions which are superior to the wasteful, high-maintenance, bulky systems of yesterday.

Because water is ionic (or polar) Hanish Water engineers have developed the most technologically advanced cartridge systems which capitalize on this property of water.  Each specific cartridge is designed to filter water for specific contaminants using flow-through technology that wastes NO water.

No chemicals or salt are needed during the treatment process because the innovative cartridge filter system is able to separate the bonds of the water molecules from chemicals such as Chlorine and Pharmaceuticals using a vortex method of flow through, forcing a longer contact time with the filtration mediums in the cartridge, producing superior results.

Filters also separate water from physical particulates such as DNA, waste, bacteria, cyst, polio and other virus >99.999%.