Whole House Water Filter for Anthrax, Cyst, Protozoa, A Bacillus, and other harmful microorganisms that threaten your water supply.

An attack on a municipal water supply is a very real threat in our world today.


The revolutionary BioGuard 1 or BioGuard 2 is a whole house filter for spores and microorganisms as small as .1 microns while still providing an incredible 40 GPM flow rate.


BioGuard inline filters are easy to install with no moving parts and help protect your water from biological threats.

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Only $895

Safeguard your water for less than $25/ mo.

Hanish Water BioGuard filters spores and microorganisms as small as .1 Microns. Whether the threat is man made or natural disaster, BioGuard helps safeguard the water coming into your home.

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