Safe, clean water right from the tap. CTS treats for:

  • Chlorine

  • Chloramines

  • Cyst

  • Virus

  • Bacteria

  • Particulates

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Hormones

  • and Harmful Chemicals

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Counter Top Water System

Whole House Carbon Filtration:

Most advanced carbon filtration technology, WaterGlen Whole House Carbon Filtration Systems provide superior filtration at great flow rates in a compact unit that mounts on the wall.

Using No Salt, No Moving Parts, No Electricity, and Wasting No Water!

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WaterGlen Carbon Block Filtration Systems

Replace UV:
Our patented BioGuard water treatment technology offers the reliable, affordable, simple solution to the complex, expensive and unreliable UV water treatment of yesterday.
BioGuard uses NO moving parts and NO electricity, and can flow at rates up to 18 GPM, offering water treatment protection you can trust.

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BioGuard Bacteria Water Filters

Whole House Water Filtration:

Treats for DNA, Pharmaceuticals, Odor, Color, Taste, Scaling, Bacteria, Virus, Cyst, Chlorine, and Chemicals using NO SALT and requiring NO Backwashing.  No Moving Parts, No Electricity, and Wasting No Water!

Learn More about the most advanced water treatment technology:  WaterCrest

We don't play games with sales, promotions and gimmicks.  You can trust Hanish Water to always offer the most advanced water treatment technology available at the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE.

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Only $399

Only $895

Only $895

Only $2895

Compact and efficient, these water treatment systems do it all! Condition and treat for contaminants, odor, taste. Self-install, mount on wall, no moving parts.