Researchers are continuing to warn against the harmful effects of Chlorine in potable water.  Many municipalities rely upon Chlorine and Chloramine (which is a mixture of Chlorine and Ammonia) to treat water for bacteria and virus. However, these systems often fail to adequately filter out the harmful Chlorine and Chloramine before it comes into your home.

If you rely upon a traditional water treatment system which uses Chlorine, you too may be facing the danger of elevated levels of Chlorine in the water entering your home.

Here are some facts you should know about Chlorine and Chloramine:

  • both are proven respiratory irritants, and can be toxic at elevated levels, or if exposure is over extended period of time

  • T​rihalomethanes (THMs) form when organic matter in the water comes in contact with the Chlorine in the water (at point of treatment)

  • Fumes can contribute to congestion, shortness of breath and asthma

  • Chlorine is released as a gas into the air when heated water evaporates into steam such as during a shower or from a dishwasher.  This results in the presence of Chlorine gas in the surrounding air.

  • Researchers are finding that an individual is at greatest risk of ingesting harmful chlorine, DNA and pharmaceuticals when showering.

Whole House and Point of Use Water Treatment Systems Help Protect Your Family from the Dangers of Chlorine and Chloramine in Drinking and Bath Water

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The WaterCrest Whole House Treatment System and the Counter Top System (CTS) provide treatment against Chlorine and Chloramine exposure, protecting your loved ones from the harmful effects of ingesting, inhaling and absorbing harmful chemicals found in your water.

Our countertop water filter helps protect against chlorine, chloramine, hormones, DNA, Pharmaceuticals, cyst, virus, bacteria, odor, color, taste, and scaling.  The perfect solution for apartments, condos, and small homes.

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