Why is this new technology so important?

Here's what the World Health Organization, city and state governments

have said about traditional water treatment systems.  

According to a recent report by the  World Economic Forum “the number one issue facing the world in the next 10 years will be access to clean drinking water.”  The public has started to demand the global preservation of, and access to, clean, safe drinking water.  Hanish Water is already providing solutions and resources to meet this global need and is working with Governments in countries such as Nigeria in Africa.

Recent events around the world have people worried about their access to clean, safe water.  The World Economic Forums report also states the, “Challenges around water management are already immense…over a billion people lack access to improved water. Some 2.7 billion – or 40% of the world’s population – suffer water shortages for at least a month each year.”  Something needs to be done to help people all over the world protect and conserve the remaining fresh water.  Hanish Water is changing people’s perceptions of what constitutes “standard water treatment technology” and how it relates to the global landscape, starting with the water coming into their homes.

 For years, consumers have accepted wasteful, cumbersome water treatment systems because that was all that was available.


But Hanish Water is in the unique position to offer water treatment systems which use the most advanced technologies available.


The first notable difference between traditional whole house water treatment systems and the WaterCrest Whole House Water Treatment System is the size.  But the compact size of the WaterCrest is not the the only superior quality this system contains.


The traditional a point of entry (POE) salt water water softener shown above combines a back-washing carbon filter with a point of use (POU) reverse osmosis system.  These outdated and wasteful systems remove the naturally occurring minerals in the water, minerals essential for life and back-wash them out along with the harmful chemicals used to treat the water back into our environment.

Hanish Water provides environmentally friendly solutions to yesterday's outdated and wasteful technology. The NASA-derived water treatment technology has been engineered and field tested over the past ten years in thousands of home all across America.  

NASA Derived Technology

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