About Hanish Water

Chris Hanish talks about why he started Hanish Water.
Chris talks about watermain breaks and boil water alerts

Using NASA-Derived Technology, The WaterCrest Whole House Physical Water Treatment Systems provide superior water filtration using no salt, no electricity, no moving parts, requiring no back-washing, and wasting no water.

Below is how the WaterCrest compares with other technologies.

Our Global Commitment to Safe Drinking Water

More than a water technology company, our vision is to see that every person in every community around the world has access to safe, clean drinking water.  We seek to partner with those operating in underdeveloped areas around the world to equip them with our water treatment technologies because they require no electricity, little maintenance and waste no water.


Most Advanced Water Treatment System Available

Our compact and sleek design takes up no floor space, as all of our systems mount on any weight-bearing wall in the basement.  In warmer climates, units can be mounted on a wall in the garage or on the outside of your home.  There are no tanks, no hoses, no gauges, no moving parts, no salt, no chlorine, and no detrimental brine backwash.  Can replace outdated RO.

Here are a few photos of our systems
                                      installed across the country.