No Salt, Salt Free, No Electricity, Whole House Water Filter Systems

We care about what you care about... keeping your family healthy with clean, safe water.

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Whole House Filtration for Homes and Condos

Only $2895

Whole House Water Filtration:

Treats for DNA, Pharmaceuticals, Odor, Color, Taste, Scaling, Bacteria, Virus, Cyst, Chlorine, and Chemicals using NO SALT and requiring NO Backwashing.  No Moving Parts, No Electricity, and Wasting No Water!

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Under the Counter

Only $499

Clean Tap Water:
Our patented UTC water treatment technology offers the reliable, affordable, simple solution for clean water right from the tap.
Under the Counter uses NO moving parts and NO electricity, and can flow at rates up to 18 GPM, offering water treatment protection you can trust.

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UTC Water Filters

Countertop and Point of Use Filters

Only $499

Safe, clean water right from the tap. CTS treats for:

  • Chlorine

  • Chloramines

  • Cyst

  • Virus

  • Bacteria

  • Particulates

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Hormones

  • and Harmful Chemicals

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Counter Top Water System


We don't play games with sales, promotions and gimmicks.  You can trust Hanish Water to always offer the most advanced water treatment technology available at the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE.

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Yes, SHE can!

Sammi T.

Our system is so compact and simple, Sammi T. was able to install this system on her own. #GirlPower Many homeowners purchase our whole house systems because there are no storage tanks or complex parts, and then install on their own!  Amazing!  Wouldn't you love a system this simple and effective?  Find the right system for you.



"I have had the Hanish water filtration system for two years, and love it.  It doesn’t require electricity or use salt, so there are no more heavy bags to lift.  The drinking water tastes great, and I no longer worry about impurities in the water.  It has been a good investment and I’m glad my friends recommended it."

Dr. Raul


"We are very happy with our new Hanish water filtration system. The water taste great! As a wellness chiropractor and knowing the quantity of toxins in our water, after installing the system I am confident in allowing my family to drink directly from the tap. This will save us on buying water bottles by the cases, but it also helps decrease the amount of plastics we use. I have no reservation when my two little ones want to play in the bathtub knowing they will not be absorbing any toxins through their skin."

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There was a time, not so long ago, when people took the purity of their water for granted. You could drink a glass of water out of the tap, or at a public drinking fountain and not worry about ingesting harmful chemicals or contaminants.  You could bathe and clean your dishes and clothes without even thinking about the quality of the water in your home.  Unfortunately, those days are gone.  However safe, clean, treated water is still accessible to you and the ones you love.

"Water is Life" is not a slogan, but rather a mission statement that we live by each and every day. We have developed the best water treatment systems in the world, providing you and your family safe, clean water, at a price you can afford.  We are committed to developing water purification treatment systems that are affordable, efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly.

We've created innovative water treatment technologies that can process water up to any flow rate necessary throughout your entire home.  No other water treatment system can accomplish the same in one small package. You never have to lift another bag of salt, and you never have to buy bottled water again in your life.  Hanish Water Treatment Systems can provide clean, safe, clear, healthy, great tasting water at every tap in your home. 

Imagine water from every tap in your home or office treated for:

  • cysts

  • virus

  • metals

  • bacteria

  • chlorine

  • particulates

  • contaminants

  • bad tastes and odors

  • hardness and scaling

With technology that uses:

  • ​No salt

  • No electricity

  • No chemicals

  • No backwashing

  • No wasted water

  • No moving parts

  • No environmental impact

  • No gauges, hoses, tanks, tubes